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1 review
Good stuff thank you.


Top Reviewer
good sauce and buns

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Top Reviewer
The spicy miso ramen is our favorite, we also enjoy the pork gyoza. One oddity that happens too often is the ramen disappears from the menu. When this happens you have to call directly to place the order.


2 reviews
The food is absolutely delicious, delivery is always on time (sometimes even ahead of schedule!), and the food always arrives hot. This place is outstanding - if you love ramen, give it a try!


1 review
The delivery came faster than expected, and The food was reallly good! Overall had a great experience ordering from Krogane. Anytime Im in the mood for ramen this is my new go-to spot!


2 reviews
The delivery guy was so nice! I ordered from a taxi and the delivery guy beat me to my apartment and waited to hand me the food. He was so sweet about it! And the food is delicious!!


Top Reviewer
Always good! Tried the pork Katsu ramen tonight and it was surprisingly good. The spicy miso ramen is my go to. Sides are always just fine but ramen is best Ive tried in Brooklyn

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Delivery: 12:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Takeout: 12:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Helmed by owner chef Ken-san, Kogane is an extension of his passion for wholesome, hearty and aromatic ramen. His love for Ramen coupled with 2 years of expertise in Japanese cuisine has empowered Ken-san to realize his ambition of opening a Ramen restaurant. To ensure that you will have the best Ramen experience at Kogane, chef Ken-san perfected his Ramen offerings based on the many positive feedback from his existing customers. He performed numerous Ramen tasting all over the U. S and Japan to find the perfect balance between broth, noodles, toppings and seasonings. Chef Ken-san also underwent extensive training in Japan to fully understand the operations of a Ramen restaurant, from the initial restaurant set up to the ins and outs of Ramen making and broth preparations.